VSD50-1-LT – за инсталации в преградни стени - AirTrade

VSD50-1-LT – за инсталации в преградни стени

VSD50-1-LT – за инсталации в преградни стени

VSD50-1-LT – за инсталации в преградни стени

The extraordinarily space saving TROX combination diffuser VSD50-1-LT with integrated cross-talk sound attenuator can be installed into lightweight partition walls.
It is also available as a combined supply and extract air configuration.

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The adjustable slot diffuser type VSD50-1-LT is designed for use in lightweight partition walls (100 mm).

The design and dimensions are suitable for use in a drywall construction and allow complete integration of the slots into a lightweight partition. The units are available as simple slot diffusers for either supply or extract air and as dual function slot diffusers for both supply and extract air.

Each unit consists of a plenum box, which includes integrated cross-talk sound attenuation and a side entry spigot, and a single slot diffuser face configuration. The diffuser face has end angles at both ends and can be a second fix item using clip fixings.

Техническа информация


14 – 55 l/s
50 – 200 m³/h
30 – 118 cfm

L: 550 und 1,175 mm
W: 70 mm


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