VDL – регулируем, за инсталации на H≥3.80 m - AirTrade

VDL – регулируем, за инсталации на H≥3.80 m

VDL – регулируем, за инсталации на H≥3.80 m

VDL – регулируем, за инсталации на H≥3.80 m

  • Swirl diffuser for very large and high rooms or halls
  • For department stores, airports, railway stations, etc.
  • For heating and cooling
  • Air discharge can be changed manually or with an actuator
  • With protective grid also suitable for gymnasiums
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With the VDL adjustable TROX swirl diffusers, the blade position can be altered (horizontal, angled or vertical air discharge) to give optimum penetration into the occupied zone when cooling or heating, at the same time meeting good comfort criteria.

With high air handling capacity, the swirl diffuser is suitable for use in industrial and comfort conditioning environments.

The diffuser can be used with large floor to ceiling heights (e. g. factories, airport terminals, theatres, banking halls) also in lower ceiling applications to 3.80 m (e. g. assembly rooms).

Техническа информация


70 – 1,225 l/s
250 – 4,400 m³/h
150 – 2,590 cfm

Ø 464 – 1.077 mm


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