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VSD35-3-AZ – за хоризонтален монтаж

VSD35-3-AZ – за хоризонтален монтаж

VSD35-3-AZ – за хоризонтален монтаж

The TROX combination slot diffuser VSD35-3-AZ supplies and extracts air through a single element in the wall.
The optional cross-talk sound attenuator effectively suppresses the transmission of sounds from room to room.

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The adjustable slot diffusers type VSD35-3-AZ as a combination of supply and extract air diffusers designed for horizontal installation in walls or enclosures.

The triple-slotted diffuser face is extruded in one piece so that there are no visible partitions. The diffuser face is either screwed in place onto the plenum box or attached with spring clips. The use of spring clips makes it possible for the diffuser face to be attached after installation.

The air spigots are located outside the air-conditioned room, ideally in the corridor. To minimise sound crossover from neighbouring rooms, integration of the optional cross-talk sound attenuator is recommended.

Техническа информация


10 – 40 l/s
40 – 140 m³/h
24 – 83 cfm

L: 600 – 1,200 mm
H: 110 mm



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