XARTO – дизайнерски вихров дифузор - AirTrade

XARTO – дизайнерски вихров дифузор

XARTO – дизайнерски вихров дифузор

XARTO – дизайнерски вихров дифузор

  • Design swirl diffuser
  • 10 different face plates
  • Circular or square face style
  • For high levels of comfort
  • Acoustically optimised damper blade for flow rate balancing
  • Spigot with double lip seal
  • Side entry air connection
  • For supply or extract air
  • Meets the most demanding requirements in terms of technology, comfort and design
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The combination of swirl unit, newly developed air distribution element and innovative plenum box provides high volume flow rates, a low sound power level and low differential pressure.

The air control blades of the swirl unit have three-dimensionally profiled contours to create an efficient swirl. Hence, the air velocity and temperature difference in the occupied zone are very low, and the level of comfort is excellent.

A spigot with double lip seal provides a low leakage connection of the plenum box to the ducting, and a damper blade for flow rate balancing simplifies commissioning.

Техническа информация


90 – 275 l/s
324 – 990m³/h

 598, 623 mm


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