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  • Swirl diffuser
  • For comfort conditioning
  • Top or side entry air connection
  • For supply or extract air
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TROX swirl diffusers of the TDF SilentAIR series consist of a diffuser face with fixed, radially arranged air control elements. They are available in square or round design.

Connection to the air duct system is effected via the plenum box, in either vertical or horizontal configuration. The diffuser face of the TDF-SilentAIR series offers a high volume flow combined with a low sound power level. Swirling and horizontal discharge of the supply air and a high induction rate guarantee swift temperature equalisation and fast reduction of the flow velocity.

Техническа информация

Circular; Square

30 – 250 l/s
110 – 900 m³/h
65 – 530 cfm

Ø 300 – 625 mm
 298 – 623 mm


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