DUK – далекобойна струйна дюза - AirTrade

DUK – далекобойна струйна дюза

DUK – далекобойна струйна дюза

DUK – далекобойна струйна дюза

  • The compact TROX jet nozzles type DUK are inconspicuous and discharge air long distances to the occupied zone.
  • They can be adjusted electrically or manually and work in heating or cooling modes.
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Jet nozzles are used for preference where the supply air from the diffuser has to travel a large distance to the occupied zone. This is the case in large rooms (halls, assembly rooms etc.), particularly when the distribution of air via ceiling diffusers is not possible or not practical. Here jet diffusers are arranged in the side wall areas.

The direction of the air stream from the type DUK-V jet nozzle can be easily adjusted manually to suit particular on site conditions.

Also the pivoting movement can be motorised within the range of ± 30°. The electric actuators for this can be externally or internally mounted.

The wide range of designs available, the flexibility in adapting to local conditions and compliance with low noise requirements mean that TROX jet nozzles can be used in almost any air conditioning system.

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20 – 835 l/s
70 – 3,000 m³/h
41 – 1,765 cfm

Ø 100 – 400 mm



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