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Пневматична задвижка

Пневматична задвижка

Пневматична задвижка

Pneumatic actuators for the opening and closing of dampers in air conditioning systems

Pneumatic actuators for Type JZ and JZ-Low leakage multileaf dampers

  • Change of the damper blade position for two different operating situations
  • Control input signal: Operating pressure of 1.2 – 6 bar
  • Pneumatic actuator, single acting or double acting
  • Torque 8 – 70 Nm
  • Retrofit possible

Optional equipment and accessories

  • Solenoid valve 24 V or 230 V
  • Limit switches



  • Pneumatic actuators for opening and closing
  • Opening and closing of Type JZ and JZ-Low leakage multileaf dampers


Special characteristics

  • Different opening and closing times can be set using throttle valves
  • Interdependent torque and operating pressure (double acting actuator)
  • Maintaining the blade position without additional power
  • Short running times
  • Resistant to overload, temperature fluctuations and electromagnetic effects
  • Compressed air is easy to store

Техническа информация

Parts and characteristics

  • Pneumatic actuators, single acting or double acting
  • Control input signal: 1-wire control of a solenoid valve
  • Optional limit switch for capturing the end positions
  • Safety function with double acting actuators (power off)
  • Safety function with single acting actuators (pressure off)


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