KA-EU – правоъгълна противопожарна клапа за кухни - AirTrade

KA-EU – правоъгълна противопожарна клапа за кухни

KA-EU – правоъгълна противопожарна клапа за кухни

KA-EU – правоъгълна противопожарна клапа за кухни

  • Square fire damper for the extract air of commercial kitchens
  • General building inspectorate licence
  • 100 % free area
  • Low differential pressure
  • Closure through gas strut (power off to close)
  • Control module and electric blade opening actuator as options
По запитване


In case of a fire, fire dampers shut automatically to prevent the propagation of fire and smoke through ductwork to adjacent designated fire compartments. Type KA-EU fire dampers are tested to DIN 4102 and to EN 1366-2. Local requirements as well as building inspectorate approvals in the country of installation must also be observed.

Correct approved installation locations are solid walls and ceiling slabs.
Installation in horizontal or vertical ducts.
When in case of a fire the temperature rises to 72 °C, a capillary tube sensor interrupts the power supply to the electromagnet, and the damper blade is released. The release mechanism is accessible and can be tested from the outside.

Type KA-EU fire dampers have fire resistance class K90 according to DIN 4102-6.


Техническа информация

square, rectangular

W: 250 – 1.200 mm
H: 225 – 500 mm
Fire resistance class:
K90 acc. to DIN 4102


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